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The Thinking Man's BB Standard

Enduro XD-15 Corsa Bottom Bracket

Really, Another Bottom Bracket Standard?

This recent Bottom Bracket standard development is a bit different than some of the other recent designs we have seen in the marketplace. For T47, the design team at Enduro worked closely with a larger team of industry professionals to finalize the standard that would address many of the problems of the recent crop of standards. T47 specifies a larger BB size that allows bike builders to overcome tire clearance issues and provide a more substantial platform for the drivetrain. Cups thread into frame ensuring perfect fit and bearing alignment, with no unwanted movement over time. No special presses or retaining compounds are necessary, and there are none of the issues common with the numerous Press-Fit standards. Think of it as the Shimano 24mm external BB on steroids.  The Enduro line of T47 BBs to cover the wide range of crankset standards on the market today. Available with the best Enduro XD-15 ceramic bearings, or with 440C stainless bearings. Both featuring angular contact design to best handle pedaling forces while riding and prolong bearing life. All Enduro bottom brackets proudly USA made at our production facility in Gilroy, California. Click here for a full .pdf catalog of our T47 Bottom Bracket
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