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Grease and Lubricants

It Keeps Your Bearings Rolling Smoothly

Enduro Bearing Grease

Using the Right Grease for the Application

We use several special greases which are in general all formulated by combining a base oil with a thickening agent. They lubricate rolling bearings by bleeding a small amount of oil out of the “reservoir” of the grease thickener and into the raceway. The oil provides the elastohydrodynamic lubricating film needed to reduce friction and wear. Greases can also serve as effective seals to protect bearings from contaminants and moisture. For greater loads, especially where vibration or shock loading is likely, such as pivots or headsets, special anti-wear additives can improve grease performance. Likewise, special thickeners and additive packages can augment a grease’s natural resistance to wash-out by water or salt-water spray. Thickeners can also be processed to reduce the noise-generating characteristics of a grease.A

Kluber NBU52

For XD-15, ceramic zero, ceramic hybrid, and stainless steel bearings we use Kluber NBU52. This grease only runs better and smoother with time and is highly resistant to being washed out. It is engineered to stick to the balls and continually be pulled back into the ball path where it is needed.

Kluber Grease
Mobile Grease

Mobil XHP 222

For our ABEC 5 angular contact, ABEC 5 radial bearings ABEC 3 bearings we use an extra high pressure grease, Mobil XHP 222, which is an excellent and clean rolling grease and which also features great water displacement characteristics. Well suited to any and all bikes and riding conditions.

Almagard 3752

We use Almagard 3752 for ultimate high pressure characteristics. These high pressure greases will not get pushed out by the extreme loads of a suspension bearing pivot or headset bearing for example.

Almagard Grease
CRC Marine Grease

CRC Marine

For MAX type bearings and some bottom bracket bearings, we fill both sides with CRC Marine grade grease for ultimate salt water protection. This grease is specially formulated to withstand the elements, including rain and snow, and is especially handy for riding on iced roads. 

Solid Lube

Enduro Solid Lubricant fills the entire cavity of a ball bearing leaving almost no room for contaminants or moisture to penetrate to make friction. The advanced polymer is injection molded into the bearing assembly replacing traditional grease or oils. The Solid Lube polymer is composed of two essential parts: a continuous microporous polymer and the advanced lubricant containing special additives. When the Solid Lube is in contact with the moving balls, the lubricating oil is transferred from the millions of pores to the ball and race surfaces under the action of temperature and pressure.  This creates a uniform and continuous lubrication film between all metal parts, minimizing friction to an extremely low factor. When the bearing has stopped, the lubricant on the surface is absorbed back into the micropores of the polymer under the action of capillary forces and stored for the next movement.

Solid Lube