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Bearing technology as applied specifically for bikes

Enduro Products

Bearings for Bikes, Developed by Bike Guys

Enduro Bearings is the leader in the bicycle industry for any type of bearing. Whether you are upgrading your bicycle drivetrain to the best bottom bracket and jockey wheels available with XD-15, or upgrading your suspension bike pivot bearings to our MAX type bearings, you will be rolling along faster and with less maintenance than ever before. Our design and testing of bearings is unsurpassed in the industry, supplying three Pro Cycling teams racing in the Tour de France, World Champions in cycle cross, and Mountain Bike World Cup, we constantly are getting feedback from the best riders in the world.

We offer a complete range of products, from our ABEC-3 and ABEC-5 radial bearings for improved hub performance, to Ceramic Silicon Nitride balls and XD-15 Nitrogen Steel bottom brackets and hub bearings. We have recently added a range of Angular Contact ABEC-5 bearings with a patented Enduro Bearings design, that improves hub bearing life by 3 times, while rolling smoother and with no side to side play inherent in other manufacturers’ bearings. Whether you need headset bearings, bottom bracket conversions, suspension pivot bearings or the tools to install them, we’ve got you covered!