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  1. Hello
    We thank you for the good bearings.
    Our support athlete Marcel Hug used built-in enduro bearings all season long.
    He has this 2021 season; 5Paralympics medals, won the marathon overall victory and set a new world record.

    He drove with the following bearings:
    Type 6805LLB ceramic enduro
    Type 6802LLB ceramic enduro

    We have a question about the correct maintenance of the bearings!
    He’s been using the camps all season now.
    Should you rinse out the wheel bearing grease and replace it?
    Or should you even use a special oil?

    How should we maintain your camps you have given us instructions.

    Thank you for your answer, best regards

    Gabriel Schärli
    Mechaniker Sonderbau

    Orthotec AG
    Guido A. Zäch Strasse 1
    6207 Nottwil

    Phone +41 41 939 42 29
    Fax +41 41 939 56 40
    E-Mail gabriel.schaerli@orthotec.ch

    Internet http://www.orthotec.ch

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